Tuparent on  vuonna 2020 perustettu yritys, johon nuoruudestaan huolimatta kiteytyy vuosien kokemus valokuvauksesta, loma-asuntojen ja kiinteistöjen vuokrauksesta sekä tietoteknikaan palveluista. Toimintafilosofiaamme kuuluu verkostoituminen muiden yritysten kanssa, jotta pystymme tarjoamaan asiakkaalle täydellisen kokonaisratkaisun. 

Olemme aloittaneet toimintamme Kainuussa sijaitsevan loma-asunnon vuokraustoiminnalla. Toimintaa on laajennettu huoneistojen vuokraustoimintaan Oulussa.  

In addition to rental operations, we provide related expert services to individuals and companies. As a result, we can provide services to those considering or already operating in the home rental business that can be outsourced or developed, without the location of the owner in the community. For example, an investor living elsewhere can expand the rental business to the Oulu region without any practical problems when we take care of practical matters related to the rental.

Our extensive knowledge and experience of various booking portals (Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO, Lomarengas, Tripadvisor), the channel management tool (IGMS, Smoobu) and dynamic pricing tools (PriceLabs) add value to the development of the customer's short-term rental business. Our customer achieved tens of percent additional sales with the service we provided.

Our long-term expertise in photography and image processing enables professional-quality images that we have received praise from from our customers. High quality images are key, whether it’s for rent or for sale. 

We strongly believe in continuous improvement, so we are happy to collect any feedback all the time. As a result, we are able to improve our operations in small steps and provide even better service.

At your service

I am a full-time specialist working with information systems. With the help of myself and my extensive network, we can cover on multiple areas. 

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