What is Tuparent ?

Tuparent is a young company founded in 2020, which, despite its youth, encapsulates the years of experience of its actors in photography, holiday home and property rental, and IT services. Our operating philosophy is to network with other companies, so that we can offer the best total solution. 

We have started our rental operations in the Kainuu. 

The experience of the company in the long-term apartment rental has made it possible for us to offer services to others who are considering renting a home or are already operating in the field, which makes rental operations easy. This makes it possible, for example, to expand the leasing activities of investors living elsewhere in the Oulu region without any practical problems, as Tuparent handles the practical matters related to leasing from the time of tenant acquisition.

The activity is also supported by our long-term expertise in photography and image processing. The positive customer feedback received from the property description encourages us to offer our expertise to other customers as well. High quality images are important, whether in case of rent or sale. We shoot the objects with professional tools and take care of the image processing from start to finish and deliver the images in the format you want. 

We strongly believe in continuous improvement, so we are happy to collect any feedback all the time. As a result, we are able to improve our operations in small steps and provide even better service.

What is your need? Feel free to contact us.

Ismo Nurmela


At your service

I am a full-time specialist working with information systems. With the help of myself and my extensive network, we can cover on multiple areas. 

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