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Rental assistance and Airbnb / Booking / Smoobu services

Are you a landlord or are you considering renting in the Oulu region? Thanks to our experience in the rental business, our excellent local knowledge and our network, we offer Tuparent's Rental service service where you can leave us the landlord's routines. This is an excellent opportunity, for example, for an investor living elsewhere for whom distance makes the business difficult or for someone who does not want to learn all the twists and turns of the rental business.

Rental service the content is tailored to your needs. The package can consist of, for example, the following services:

  • Tenant acquisition
  • Photography, making announcements (Facebook, Tori, Oikotie, Vuokraovi)
  • Contact with the tenant
  • Housing presentation and credit checks *
  • Apartment inspections before and after rental *
  • Lease agreement, signatures and control of the terms of the agreement (insurance, etc.)
  • Key & guarantee Management *
  • In the event of a problem, we act as your local contact partner (eg water damage)  *
  • Apartment cleaning *
*) These services are offered only in the Oulu region and Puolanka
Airbnb, Booking, Smoobu consulting. 
In addition to rental assistance, we also do Airbnb and as well as Smoobu Channel Manager consulting. Would you like to open a new property for rent, but are having trouble with the tool? Or do you want to edit and develop the alert? Or maybe outsource these “nasty” routines to someone else? The service can be provided remotely even if you are in a completely different location than us.

IT support services

Are you in trouble with information technology? Not having enough time or expertise to maintain websites, use email services or office applications?

Let us know your needs and we’ll find out how we can help you, so you can focus on spending time on your own core competencies.