A log cabin equipped with amenities on the shores of Lake Pikku-Aittojärvi, with an accommodation capacity of 6 people. The beach is child friendly and suitable for swimming. The private plot also has a traditional beach sauna, hut and litter.

The distance from the Puolanka town is less than 10 kilometers. The village has the most common services, such as shops, pharmacy, health center, alcohol, gas stations, restaurant and library.

The area has excellent hiking, fishing, hunting and swimming opportunities Puolangan liikunta- ja ulkoilualueet.

The nearest ski slopes can be found at about the same distance. Ukkohalla (37min) ja Paljakka (36min). Ukkohalla offers e.g. bowling, hiking, spa and various outdoor activities. In addition to skiing, Paljakka's selections include e.g. movies and safaris.

Pets are welcome as long as the pets stay in the yard area and their droppings are cleaned away. Indoor smoking is prohibited, even in the yard, bumps must be collected.

The cottage has two separate bedrooms, an entrance hall, a living room-kitchen and a washroom.

The first bedroom has a double bed 160 cm wide and the second a 140 cm wide double bed. The living room has an L-shaped sofa and a sofa chair that can be turned into a bed for one adult. Thus, a total of six people will be accommodated.

The living area is a spacious living room-kitchen that continues to the kitchen. The kitchen includes a hob, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle and fridge-freezer. Tap water comes from the water network of the water cooperative and is drinkable. The bathroom has a water toilet, shower and washing machine.

The cottage has air conditioning, air source heat pump and electric radiator heating. The heating and air source heat pump are remotely controlled, as is the burglar alarm system. The television has antenna and satellite TV as signal sources. There is free Wi-Fi indoors. 

The living room has a direct view for the lake through large windows.

Invest in your well-being during your holiday. You can get sports massage as well as traditional Chinese medicine treatments and acupuncture from Pororajan Body -company.
Their office is located in a town - the distance from the cottage is only 9.5 km. Call Hannele Karhu +358 40 192 3606 or click on the picture.

In the courtyard there is a hut which is excellent opportunity for cooking and being together.

The hut has a Muurikka frying pan and sausage sticks.

The log beach sauna is located just five meters from the lake shore, so a dip in the lake sauna is quick and easy.

The sauna has a wood-heated Kota Luosto stove, whose succulent steams pamper the saunas.


The washing water is carried either from the lake or from the tap at the end of the cottage. The heater has a water tank in which the water to be heated is placed. The heater must not be used without water in the tank.

The shore of the lake is gently deepening, so it is also well suited for swimming games for young children. At the beginning there is a sandy bottom, but deeper the beach becomes muddy. There is no pier on the beach.

There is a fiberglass rowing boat on the beach, as well as oars and life jackets. These can be used free of charge.


The lake offers perch, pike and whitefish. There are several other lakes nearby if you want to try your luck elsewhere. Fishing permit and gear must be obtained separately.

For anglers, you can find baits at your local hardware store.

Additional services


Renting snowshoes

25,00  incl VAT

Bed linen

10,00  incl VAT

End cleaning

80,00  incl VAT

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