25,00  incl VAT

Rent snowshoes for the duration of your stay and head out to enjoy the fresh air and nature. In addition of snowshoes you only need winter boots and warm clothing.



Rental conditions:

  • The rental price includes both snowshoes with poles for the duration of your holiday
  • After use, return the snowshoes to the cabinet, lock the cabinet and the put cabinet key back to the key box, the number order must be mixed. The key box is located in the hallway of the cottage and a closet with shoes in the dressing room of the beach sauna.
  • Any defects or failures must be reported immediately to the cottage owner
  • The four-digit code in the key box will be sent by e-mail in the online purchase receipt

The shoe bags also have manuals for adjusting the fit of snowshoes.

Note! Be sure to remove the plastic covers that protect the ice spikes from the sole of the shoes before use!

Good places to walk are, for example, in addition to the lake, the slope terrain between the cottage and Lylykyläntie (in the map image, the green part, ie the land of Metsähallitus).