Are you going to rent or sell an apartment or property? High-quality images play a major role in the sale or rental of real estate and apartments. VHT According to a study by Studios -company, the sale of high-quality apartments was 32% faster

The importance of images is important especially today in the age of digitalisation, when preliminary decisions are made on the basis of images and information already available on the website. Poor quality pictures taken with a mobile phone or unclear information in the advertisement weaken the interest of the object in the eyes of the customer. So it is important to invest in quality images.

So why not turn to us? We design the description together with you and look for the best aspects of the item to make the whole representative. The Nikon SLR camera we use, together with the wide-angle lens, brings a natural picture of the entire space with its proportions. We process images with Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photosop software for the best results and deliver the finished images in the format you want, as agreed, even up to the website.

Photos are taken flexibly mainly on weekends or evenings at a time we agree together. 

Below are a few examples